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Why Kautilya IIT Academy​Why students prefer to join KAUTILYA Pre - Foundation Builder Program?

This question cannot be answered in a single line as it is the combination of unique features of the program, dedication of our faculty, child-centric approach from the management, understanding the needs of the students and last but not the least consistent results throughout the years.

What makes KAUTILYA students first choice?

Over the years we have felt that the students coming to coaching institutes are very much concerned about what will happen to their schooling & how they are going to score equally well in boards. That's where the students get an added advantage in KAUTILYA.

As we know Shankerjee Sir (Hon. Director, KAUTILYA) had founded Navjeevan Science School in 2007 and through his sincere efforts and dedication took it to new heights and today it is not only the best science school in Sikar but in whole of Rajasthan. Now we want to make the same level of result in IIT-JEE.

We are planning to form a schedule that is apt for students keeping in mind that students don't have any unwanted pressure in his/her head. We will finish the syllabus for IIT-JEE along with boards in the stipulated time and make sure that the students get ample time for self-assessment and removal of doubts. As we have proved our metile with Navjeevan School and provided magnificent result over the years through our well planned curriculum and Lab Facility etc.so we want our students of KAUTILYA to benefit from the same.

The roots of KAUTILYA is atiached with Navjeevan Science School and in spite of having an altogether different building and curriculum, we will not leave any brick untouched both in terms of competitive exam as well as boards, so that the students don't suffer even an iota in both exams.

Innovative Teaching Methodolgy

Friendly and comfortable environment is provided to all students during class. We keep motivating students in all forms of life. Regular tests are taken on each and every topic that is covered. This keeps the students acclimatized to the exam conditions and give them a feel of the topic and to evaluate themselves, instructions are imparted in both hind and English mediums.

Over the years we have found it to be beneficial to the students of both mediums. A recitation of the concepts in the vernacular gives a better grasp of the concept to English medium students while a recitation in English gives the Hindi medium students a better grasp of scientific terminology.

Every student gets due attention. The focus on each on every students helps him/her to be attentive in the class and to realize his/her potential. We provide sufficient time after the classes to remove individual difficulties of students if required. Personal care, homely atmosphere and healthy environment are the core qualities of KAUTILYA IIT ACADEMY.

We have full time dedicated team of IITian Faculties who are having teaching expertise and are highly experienced in this field. They take care of all the students and keep them motivated and goal oriented.

Students are taught from basic level to advanced level, so that students can have basic concepts clear with competitive approach. Are teaching methodology is very unique as we keep focus on all of the points whether it is big or small, as all we know that even very small point has big impact to achieve a goal.


KAUTILYA IIT ACADEMY has come up with a unique idea to provide video lectures of faculties to the students in its well-structured video library.

Video library will have video lectures of all chapters by the HOD's only who have vast experience in their field so the students don't encounter any problems in sharping the concepts.

If any of the student misses his/her lecture due to genuine reason then he/she can cover the entire lecture as it is through the video library and it will give them the same feel as they get in the classroom.

This concept will help the students to revise the desired chapters and the desired lecture wherever they feel a void in concepts and make their concepts crystal clear and they need not wait for any particular faculty for doing all this.

KAUTILYA IIT ACADEMY has also come up with the unique idea to provide detailed video solutions to all the materials (Tutorial Sheet, DPP's, Class Test's etc.) given to them and through it they can clear even the smallest doubt which they feel shy to discuss with faculties.

v Student will get the detailed solution of all the question in tests as soon as the test is completed and they can go through detailed solutions after its discussion in classroom.