Directors' Message | Kautilya IIT Academy

My message to the students is first find out where you want to go, chase that goal with all your spirit.

Mr. Ashok

Director, Kautilya IIT Academy

B.Tech (IIT Roorkee)

Respected Parents & Dear Students,

I welcome you all to the Kautilya family and the education city of Sikar. I qualified IIT-JEE in 2006 with an All India Rank 993 in the general category and completed my B.TECH in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. I chose teaching as a profession because of my love for physics and started my teaching career from IITians Pace Academy, Mumbai, and taught there for almost 4 years. During my treasure there we produced some of the best ranks in the top 100 in IIT-JEE from various centers.

Being from Rajasthan itself I always wanted to provide my teaching services to the students here, and it’s been the reason I relocated to Sikar in 2015 and under the guidance of Mr. Shankar Lal Bagariya (Director, Navjeevan School) decided to start a system with top-class facilities both in terms on infrastructure and academics and thus KAUTILYA came into existence.

IIT-JEE preparation requires a systematic approach along with rigorous training and hard work. As I have been through the same phase in my life so I can completely co-relate with the situation students face during the phase. My message to the students is very clear, set your goals early and go for them with 100% dedication and you will find me side by side at all stages and we will cross all hurdles together.

Today's hard-work and struggle are going to bring sparkling success for you tomorrow.

Mr. Utsav

Director, Kautilya IIT Academy

B.Tech (IIT Dhanbad)

Respected Parents & Dear Students,

I believe that to achieve big you have to dream big and if you are dreaming to be an IITian then Kautilya is the place to be. IIT-JEE is one of the toughest exams in the world and preparation for it not only requires hard work but also proper direction & guidance and here at Kautilya, we aim for helping each and every student to perform to his/her potential. For me, success is not getting into IIT but it is a sense of satisfaction that I did my best and my teacher guided me the best & this satisfaction will take you to new heights in whichever field you choose.

I cleared IIT-JEE in 2007 & passed out of college in 2011. I topped all India in CAT Exam(2011) in Maths section (100%ile in Math, overall99.8) but instead of going for MBA from IIMs, I choose this profession because Mathematics has been my first love since childhood, and through this profession, I could see myself connected with the subject and now it’s been almost 10 years.

Dear students, these one or two years of hard work is going to play a crucial role in the future life you are going to lead. So make your choices wisely because this time is never going to come back again, I have found that the phrase that haunts a person most throughout his life is “If I had” so let this not be the case with you. Lastly I would just like to say to the students that if you are ready with the dream then myself and Kautilya family are here to turn your dream into reality.