Director of jee coaching in sikar

I have my own story of struggle, determination, challenges, courage and success. One who is the part of this society has to face certain circumstances when his patience, hard-work and will power is tested. The one who doesn’t give up that time get victory.

Mr. Shankar Lal Bagariya

Chairman of Navjeevan Group

Respected Parents & Dear Students,

Everyone has a dream, an aim, a motive, or a mission in life that gives a direction and meaning to his/her life. When it is the time to follow that dream, we have a feeling of confidence and strength coming from inside. The same kind of feeling intimates me with the students and parents who are having a similar dream. The dream and the hunger to achieve it give me the strength to face any hurdle or obstacle. It encourages me to deliver the fire of zeal to the students who are on the path of their destination.

These powerful feelings being born from the dreams to transform into the power of another level which has the strength to give birth to revolutionary thought. Kautilya IIT Academy encourages its students to chase their dream and grab it. Our vision is to spread this concept of “strength of dream” to each and every corner of India.

I started Navjeevan School in 2007 with a dream, and the dream was to make Navjeevan School No. 1 Science School not only in Sikar but in the whole Rajasthan. We worked hard for it and toiled day and night in pursuit of our dream and by the grace of almighty, we were able to achieve it. I feel very proud to state that we had 23 state merits and 31 district merits in XII Science, making Navjeevan School  No. 1 Science School in Rajasthan.

I have a belief that unity is strength. Any goal, small or big cannot be achieved by a single person

I have a belief that unity is strength. Any goal, small or big cannot be achieved by a single person. One needs a team to do that. I was fortunate to have a very hard-working and dedicated team. This is the only reason I could achieve what I have today. And today when I am going to face another challenge to make Kautilya No. institute for IIT-JEE preparation in Rajasthan, again I am going to rely on my team.100% IITians’ team, with its new and vibrant ideas, guide students to target their goal. I am very sure that we will make Kautilya No. 1 IIT Coaching Institute very soon.