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About Us

Kautilya IIT Academy has been founded to facilitate IIT-JEE aspirants with the highest level of expertise to achieve success in IIT-JEE.

What We're All About

If you dream of becoming an IITian and have fully committed yourself to dedicatedly work from achieving your dream, the Kautilya IIT Academy welcomes you with the same level of commitment and dedication.

Learn Something Every Day

Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.

Mr. Shankar Lal Bagariya
Founder of Navjeevan Group
Our Vision

Who We Are

Kautilya IIT Academy has been working in order to make students achieve the same kind of excellence which is nurtured, guided, and mentored with great perfection. It has been founded to facilitate IIT-JEE dreamers with another level of excellence to make you grab success.

Kautilya IIT Academy consists of 100% of teachers from top IITs in the country. Fully dedicated and specialized team guide students in a proper way and make them efficient to target their goal. 

We separately care for both Hindi and English medium students. On the other hand, Hindi medium students are generally ignored by most institutions. We provide good quality study material and quality lectures to Hindi medium students which is not common in peer institutions.

Along with the best coaching, we give special attention to every student. Our faculty team boosts them up with their motivational inspiration and positive thoughts which is too significant in the competitive examination.

Our vision is to make every student able to reach IIT who dreams for it. As we know dreams are converted into thoughts and thoughts result in action. Kautilya IIT academy makes you act in the right way. Such smart and appropriate preparation will help to target the bull’s eye.

At Kautilya, we are all about quality, commitment, and excellence.


100% Teaching Faculties From IITS

Kautilya is the only institute for IIT-JEE preparation not only in Sikar but in the entire country where 100% of teaching faculties are only from IITs.

online study

Excellent Study Material

Excellent study material and a well-tested Assessment Plan including Topic Wise Tests, Major Tests, Board Practice Tests, Rigorous testing, and assessment system with detailed analysis are given to parents.


Recorded Video Lectures

The only institute in Sikar to provide video lectures of its best professors on all the topics so as to help students who have missed any classroom lecture. Individual attention, special sessions on effective time and stress management were given to the students. Revision lectures and remedial lectures are conducted.

personal attention

Doubt Counter And Personal Counseling

Complete student-centric approach with a regular feedback system. Kautilya conducts special doubt solving & counseling sessions for regular Development and Motivation.


Separate Programs For RBSE And CBSE Students

Kautilya provides separate programs for State, CBSE Board Students and prepares students for XI + XII Boards & Bifocal subjects in addition to Entrance Exams.

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World Class Infrastructure

State of the Art Infrastructure - air-conditioned classrooms, innovative library facility, audiovisual rooms for technology-aided learning, etc.